Best Area to Stay in Dubai

Whether you are planning to visit the amazing Dubai or even move to this place, we will show you in this article which are the best areas to stay in this stunning metropolis. It is true that the entire Dubai is beautiful but there are certain locations that are highly appreciated and popular and exactly about these ones we will talk in the following.


Downtown Dubai

If you want to be surrounded by skyscrapers and have the most famous shops close to you then you should definitely stay in Downtown Dubai. Here is also the city’s incredible skyscraper Burj Khalifa, which is 829.6 meters high and it has not more and not less than 163 floors. Burj Khalifa is actually so tall that the architects had to create a special massive metal structure around the tower in order to channel the electricity from lightning strikes down to the ground. This area is very popular and plenty of rich people live here or have apartments for rent. There are around 1,000 luxurious stores, and numerous attractions for recreation and entertainment as well. Overall, Downtown Dubai is guaranteed to exceed all your expectations no matter if you are a tourist or you want to move to the city.

Al Fahidi Historical Neighborhood

This area is said to represent the metropolis in the mid 19th century. The buildings in Al Fahidi are constructed with traditional materials such as stone and wood and located in close proximity in order to create a labyrinth of alleys. There are also buildings that retain wind towers, that served to channel wind into houses in the past for different cooling purposes. These days, some of the old buildings have been transformed into quaint cafes and artist’s workshops, and all of these make the entire neighborhood an absolute delight to explore. Al Fahidi is highly appreciated by locals and tourists alike due to its lovely charm.

Dubai Marina

Dubai Marina is by far one of the best places to stay in Dubai. In case you didn’t know, this marina is man-made and it accommodates a bustling enclave of tourist activity. There is a wide range of lovely restaurants, strategically placed so that visitors can enjoy the stunning view of Dubai’s skyscrapers across the crystal-clear water. Staying here and taking the time to explore the entire area is certainly something that we strongly recommend to anyone who plans to visit or even move to Dubai.

Al Quoz

We end our list with Al Quoz, another beautiful area in Dubai where you can spend your holiday and even move. This neighborhood has grown into city’s art and cultural district. Al Quoz is also teeming with lovely designed coffee houses, cafes, and fitness studios. You will always have something new and interesting to discover in this area. Therefore, if you plan a vacation in this amazing city then you should consider booking your accommodation in this location. We are sure you will feel really comfortable and you will be extremely happy with everything that Al Quoz has to offer.

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